Waldo’s Gift

The importance of meaningful and creative work was really brought home to us as a band during the pandemic. With each of us struggling to come to terms with the unfolding chaos, our regular writing sessions became an antidote to the stresses of the global situation and the existential uncertainty created by it.

Looking back I am filled with gratitude that we had the privilege of being able to come together to co-create, express oursleves & work towards a common goal during a time that seemed to call the future itself into question. This is rare and it is a tragedy that this is so; the peverse incentives of our social, economic & educational systems rendering any kind of autonomous and creative work a luxury. It has made me realise how utterly vital the nature of ones work is to the quality of ones existence; to know that your actions and skills actually contribute to something real and good.

In this regard the work of Seed Sessions and other organisations like it are of vital importance in incentivising creativity as well as self-knowledge and emotional intelligence in young men. The development of these faculties has the potential to not just save lives but bring about growth and flourishing in the lives of men and women everywhere.

Alun Elliott-Williams, guitarist and pedal extraodinaire