Mark Crown

Since graduating from Trinity College of Music jazz course, Mark Crown has been an integral part of British dance group Rudimental. His producer and playing credits include Mahalia, The Skatalites, Courtney Pine, Plan B, Rita Ora, Jess Glynne, J Hus, Jacob Banks and Ed Sheeran.

Please could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the role of music in your life up until now?

I’m a musician foremost but have been producing music and DJing for the past 7 years. Music is an important part of my daily routine and has taught me about dedication, discipline and control.  

What/who inspired you to want to become a musician?

My mum. She was always playing music around the house and from an early age, I have always loved everything about it!  

Could you share with us a musical and/or life highlight? How did it make you feel?

Playing in big venues such as Madison Square Gardens, Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena & The O2 Arena.  

Could you say a few words about how music relates to mental health from your perspective?

Discipline and escapism. Allowing your mind to be completely vulnerable and open to music so it can allow you to relax and give a sense of enjoyment. Music can be very euphoric and has the ability to change your mood.

What do you feel you can offer to a participant? What are your areas of special interest?!

Discipline, Mentorship, Education, Friendship, Harmony.

Why is being part of Seed Sessions important to you?

It has a purpose and a great history behind it. Music is a gift that should be shared with others, this is me doing my part!