Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is a Bristol based Integrative Counsellor and Inherited Family Trauma practitioner that specialises in working with attachment, relationships, anxiety, depression and inter-generational trauma. The essence of his work is to help people to bring more balance, peace, motivation and empowerment to their lives.

Please could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to become a therapist?

I had some significant challenges with my mental health in my early twenties, putting me on the path of exploring different approaches which could support me. I learned a lot over these years, which proved to be really helpful when I retrained to become a counsellor almost a decade later.

Why do you think it is important for men particularly to engage with this kind of therapeutic work?

It is not always easy to open up to those around us. Many men have learned to associate certain types of emotional expression as a weakness which may lead to judgement, humiliation or rejection. It can therefore be really helpful for men to be able to express themselves freely in a space that is free from judgement, so they can better understand the roots of their issues and to support their self development.

Are there any myths/misconceptions about therapy that you think might deter men from seeking help?

Often people think that you only go to therapy if there is something wrong with you. What is evident through working with so many people over the years is how many similarities there are between us and how we often struggle with the same, unspoken issues as many others. When we acknowledge our feelings, we move away from avoidance strategies and can begin to address the internal blocks which are limiting our lives.

Do you have any special areas of expertise, what sort of issues can you help participants to engage with?

I help people to deepen their understanding of the root causes of their issues, which often stem from the adversity faced in our early life or inter-generational trauma. The process supports the development of self-compassion, self-acceptance and feelings of empowerment and wholeness.

Why is being part of Seed Sessions important to you?

It is great to be part of an organisation that is helping men to open up and improve their mental health and develop their creative expression! It’s exciting to be involved from such an early stage and I hope it can continue to grow so it can support more and more people.